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Seven Things Local Businesses Must have On-line

By , March 20, 2015 , 1

Google Places listing You must claim and optimize your listing. Make sure your listing is complete and correctly located in


No Mobile Website = Lost Profit!

By , March 19, 2015 , 0

Is your website “Mobile Friendly? Don’t know? Here is a tool to check: Have you put off making your


Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

By , March 18, 2015 , 1

Why Do you need an email list? Is your advertising working? Advertising to people that don’t need you or your


Apple Watch Release but too expensive right now.

By , March 11, 2015 , 0

Mike Swider article on does a good job explaining the details so I won’t. The question is will you


My gift to you!

By , November 12, 2014 , 0

Free Ebook Guide to Penterest”

How To create a Simple Facebook Ad to promote your Business Page

By , August 28, 2014 , 0

Step 1. On you Page go to “Build Audience”/Use Ads Manager (not promote page) You have to be also logged


Free Seminar for Local Businesses in Springville area

By , August 13, 2014 , 0

Online event registration for Internet Marketing and Social Media Siminar powered by Eventbrite

Why Use Facebook for your Business?

By , June 25, 2014 , 0

Courtesy of: GroSocial by InfusionSoft

How do you Position your Business?

By , April 30, 2014 , 0

What is positioning? Positioning is crafting an identity that communicates you are an expert to serve a specific type of


Pareto 80/20

What is Your 20%?

By , April 3, 2014 , 0

I am asking you to look for your 20%. There is this principle called the Pareto principle named after  Vilfredo